The entire range of Five Lakes vodka products is produced at a single sight, at Omskvinprom distillery in Siberia. For Five Lakes Premium vodka, Alpha spirit from the best Russian suppliers is used, corresponding to, and even surpassing GOST51652-2000 in a number of parameters. Five Lakes Premium appeared on the Russian market in August 2012 and immediately appealed to connoisseurs of classic vodka.

Alpha spirit is the highest standard of ethyl alcohol available today. Since it is the quality of spirit that has a key influence on the taste of the final product, the finest quality of Five Lakes Premium is guaranteed. Following the requirements of GOST51652-2000 Russian State Standard, Alfa is produced exclusively from grain crops, such as rye, wheat or their mixtures. Another important factor is the chemical composition of alcohol. The content of methanol, fusel oils and other harmful substances is significantly lower in Alpha spirit. It contains seven times less methanol toxin than the Luxe-category. Despite this, Luxe-category spirit made from less valuable grain crops and can be found in the overwhelming number of alcoholic products in Russia.

Alpha spirit is a subject to special certification. Only the best producers of ethyl spirit in Russia meet high requirements imposed on raw materials for vodka by the Siberian Omskvinprom distillery. Omskvinprom is the only production site where vodka under Five Lakes brand is produced. Alpha alcohol for Five Lakes Premium vodka in several parameters significantly exceeds the requirements of State Standard for this type of spirit.