The legendary Five Lakes Siberian vodka is launched in a new design.

The restyled Five Lakes vodka looks more premium thanks to an innovative transparent capping in the color of recognizable blue glass and an elegant tamper-evident band on the neck of the bottle.
The image of a boatman floating on the embossed blue surface of the label will give the sense of peace and soulfulness to any occasion.

Five Lakes is smooth and gentle thanks to the natural Siberian water, and the best Alpha grain spirit which guarantees that the morning will be good.

Taiga Lakes' Life-Giving Water

100% Alpha grain spirit

We produce Five Lakes vodka away from the hustle and bustle, using the living natural water of Siberian lakes. This water is not just pure, it is unique. It is enriched with oxygen and contains silver. Due to these properties, people call it 'life-giving water'.


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