GASTRONOM owes its taste accent to a special combination of aromatic spirits. For Fish (Blend No. 4):


It has light aroma, but very rich taste. It is the coriander that is added to many mixtures of spices for fish that gives more refined and sophisticated taste to the meal.

Aromatic lime spirit gives Blend No. 4 a pleasant fresh texture and a light, barely noticeable citrus hint. Its essential oils help to improve appetite.

Bay Leaf
An indispensable seasoning for many fish dishes. It has a pleasant recognizable aroma and very favorably rounds off the alcoholic content of the GASTRONOM blend.

Pink Pepper
These are the fruits of the shinus tree, which mainly grows in South America.It gives refreshing, sweet-peppery aroma and taste to the blend. Unlike the classic black pepper, its organoleptics are more tender and delicate.