GASTRONOM owes its taste accent to a special combination of aromatic spirits. For Meat (Blend No. 7):


Thanks to the fragrant rosemary spirit you can catch subtly sharp coniferous notes. Essential oils of rosemary improve mood, relieve nervous tension as well as headache.

Smoked Paprika
At first, the paprika fruits are dried in the sun, then smoked on the oak wood, and only after that they are thoroughly grounded. Smoked paprika gives a rich, smoke-dried and slightly smoky finish to the GASTRONOM blend.

Pink Pepper
These are the fruits of the shinus tree, which mainly grows in South America.It gives refreshing, sweet-peppery aroma and taste to the blend. Unlike the classic black pepper, its organoleptics are more tender and delicate.

Dried Tomato
It has long been a well-known fact that tomatoes are natural flavor enhancers, and in our blend they perform the role of a gastronomic conductor, complementing and emphasizing the mild taste and aromatics of the whole blend.