Remeslo Fermera Matured

We build the REMESLO brand honestly and openly through partnership with real farms and artisans, thereby guaranteeing high quality and naturalness of the product.

Natural Siberian water, high-quality Luxe-category spirit, the signature recipe and a multi-stage filtration system allow us to achieve a delicate soft taste of vodka and preserve the purity of the traditional vodka flavor in the finished product.

REMESLO is produced at Omskvinprom distillery exclusively from natural ingredients.

The support of a local producers is one of the key principles of the brand, contributing to the development of farming industry in Russia.

Remeslo Fermera Classic Matured Vodka

  • • Farm acacia and buckwheat honey of late harvest in the recipe of our vodka gives special smoothness to the taste.
  • • Aging in an oak barrels made of Caucasian rock oak, created by hand by professional coopers, additionally softens and ennobles the beverage taste.
  • • Remeslo is blended in small batches, each bottle has its own unique number.

For me, beekeeping is a special kind of meditation, as it is now fashionable to say. I am a hereditary beekeeper and since childhood I have observed how nature offers the most useful and healing products for humans. Collecting honey is very difficult, but at the same time fascinating—to help extract honey without interfering with the ecosystem. All that is left for me in this process is to carefully convey this valuable product to people and pass on my experience to the next generation.
Farmer Beekeeper